"What these companies produced was not primarily things, they said, but imaging of their brands. Their real work was not production, but marketing. "Naomi Klein - No Logo - p. 26

Aesthetic Studios is a brand that comes from conditions. Strategies, products, content and soon even a brand store are created from there. The brand questions and challenges marketing imposed on the consumer from the corporate branding with the commercial value they set. By using its specific properties and converting it into an independent product, it gives a new but critical reach to commerce. An upgrade of the known, an independence from its origins and a real interest in an influx of constant supply.

The brand shows itself in shape, branding and strategy. By using the design and techniques of corporate branding, their visual language and the use of experience as a strategy, my work creates. I see my products, content and branding as work, around which I organize the context. As with the ceramic Gold Bear vase, which is derived from the famous Haribo sweet. It started as a desire for a change of function and material, but grew into a critique placed within the context of art institutions. By working with recognition in the product, it reaches all layers in society. The use of Instagram gives the content a new reach. These aspects offer a given of the time, art is not excluded from these aspects.

In my position look and function as a conscious consumer with a flirtatious critical look at commerce and at myself as a consumer, maker and brand. At Aesthetic Studios, I face the paradox that offers an enticing high-end experience. To provoke the thoughts of consumers within the art context. By provoking a repeating flow of image stimuli, it demands attention. The Aesthetic Studios Brand Store delivers the ultimate final blow, the show pony that serves as a three-dimensional seduction.